"We’re not going in there just expecting to lose" Martin Heat, Scottish National Coach

At the Valiiers complex ,Scotland go into the quarter final stage  and face Egypt.



It’s a big today for Scotland, playing Egypt in the quarters.

Well, obviously, it’s great to be in the quarter finals. It’s a really big moment for the team, playing the top seeds on the glass court at the Men’s World Championships. This is why you do all the hard work. It’s what all the players have been waiting for.


You had a really great match yesterday, quite gruelling in the end and the boys pulled through it well. You must be very proud of them. What do you think made the difference yesterday ?


Well, we knew we had the opportunity at every position and  I thought that Alan playing Number 1 played great but the Malaysian Number 1  played almost flawlessly in the last couple of games so we had to go to a third match which we knew we had a good chance at that one as well. When you play for your country, you always come up with that extra ten percent. You know you have to do a little bit extra against every other player as well and yesterday we got the result that we wanted.


And then playing against Egypt, all of their guys being in the World top ten. It’s a great opportunity to perhaps come up against players that they’ve never met previously.

Exactly, they’ve nothing to lose. The top two guys are pretty experienced. They’ve played the Egyptians before. They know the level. They know what is expected. When you’re playing for your country, you’re not restricted by the usual psychological limitations that your experience puts on yourself. Things do happen in this kind of circumstances. We’re not going in there just expecting to lose. We need to do the right things. I’m quite positive and we’ll see what happens.……

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