FRANCE (3)  3-0  SCOTLAND (10)


Having dramatically lost their match yesterday against Hong Kong, France and Scotland were the first on court at the Vallier Complex for places 5-8. The nightmare the French had experienced the evening before had to be put behind them – the show had to go on. Pushed out of the last four for the first time since 2001, at best, they were looking to take a disappointing fifth place. The Scots, however, had done well in the competition. Ranked 10th, their ultimte aim was  to go through to the quarters which they attained  by causing an upset and  beating Malaysia in a well-fought battle. Scotland were now sure to finish at least 8th improving the 9th position they had reached in 2013, their ever-best being 4th in 2001. Defeated by the number 1 seeds Egypt in the quarters, they were now to face the French for positions 5-8.


Lucas Serme 3-0 Douglas Kempsell  11-7, 11-4, 11-6

Gregory Gaultier 3-0 Alan Clyne  11-9,  11-4,  11-6

Gregoire Marche  v  Greg Lobban  not played


A few comments by Douglas Kempsell about the event after his match against Lucas Serme :


« It’s been good so far. It’s my second appearance at the Worlds. Our aim coming here was to get into the top 8 so we’ve achieved that. Everything else is a bonus ! We’ve all been quite relaxed. We are a closely-knit team. We train and play together. We have a great team diaspora. Obviously, we’re under more pressure because we’re representing Scotland so the player result is at the back. The crowd are brilliant and they are right behind the teams. That’s really good for us ! »




Obviously, you’re disappointed having lost this match but you’re through to the last 8.

Yes, absolutely. I mean there are a lot of good teams in this event so it’s great for us to get into the top 8. It’s really phenomenal as it was our target before we came. Anything after that was just a bonus. Between 7 and 12, there isn’t much in it so the teams knew it was going to be tough to get into the quarters. We had two really close games against Germany and Malaysia and fortunately came through.


How are the players dealing with having to play so many top matches one after another ?

It’s tough but it’s a great event for them to play in really. It tests out the training that we’ve been doing up back in Scotland. It’s good for them to have tough matches day after day.


What’s it like being a coach for Scotland ?

It’s great. I’ve been to the women’s teams before but this my first men’s event. Being part of such an event is fantastic from a coaching point of view. It gives you motivation and inspiration to go back and work even harder. The game is played in so many different ways , it just keeps you thinking about what to do next.


What do you think about the event here ?

It’s unbelievable to see so many people here after such a late night for them yesterday and disappointed but it’s a great set-up. The French Federation have really done well in putting on such an event.


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