What they said (Wednesday's quotes)

Wales's coach David Evans after his team's win over Czech Republic

We're very happy to go through to the top 16 as it was our initial goal. The guys played very well yesterday against Australia it's good they were to back up today. Another tournament starts now. As I said we wanted to make top 16 but we hadn't set a goal in term of final ranking, but maybe we'll reassess now. So we're playing France tomorrow. It'll probably be in the evening session at the bigger arena, which is great for the boys. This type of occasion is what you play for, they will be able to show what they are capable of against top players. We have a young team so it will be a good experience for them. We also have a few juniors coming up, but we'll have to wait and see how they transition into seniors. But yes it's definitely a good time for Welsh squash, with Tesni Evans being in the top 20, and now the guys doing well here after winning European Team Championship Division 2 in the spring.

Wales Czech Republic

 Wales's win over Czech Republic means they are through to the last 16, where they will meet France tomorrow (Photo credit: Philippe Rochais)  

Canada's coach Yvon Provencal after his team's win against Ireland

The boys played well, especially our number 1 Nick Sachvie (picture below). The tie was already won after two matches but it's also that our number 3 (Andrew Schnell) had a good match, he needed it. We knew France would be a tough opponent especially at home so we're satisfied to finish second in the pool and to go through to the last 16. It's likely we'll play on the glass court tomorrow against Australia, and their two best players - Pilley et Cuskelly – have a lot of experience in these conditions.” 

Sachvie Gaskin

Spain's Bernat Jaume who won today for his MWTC debut 

It's always tough to play a first match in a tournament (author's note: he didn't play yesterday), especially on a glass court and when the result of the tie was already decided. Besides, I was up against a skillful and tricky opponent. So I am pretty happy to get the win and get my body ready for the next matches. We are playing New Zealand tomorrow, it's a tough encounter but we are ready to be competitive and give everything to try to get the win, and get through to the quarters. If there's something the Spaniards are good at, that's fighting so let's see!

Bernat Jaume

Bernat Jaume (on the left) won his first match in the MWTC against Iraq's Hasanain Dakheel 


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